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Tuition & Fees in Tucson, AZ

Tuition & Fees
Spring 2018 Semester
~ Registration fee due upon registration.
~ Tuition is due on or before the 1st of each month.
~ A $25 Late Fee will be charged to payments received or post-marked after the 5th of the month. (First-time late fee is waived per family account.)
~ Only tuition for the month of December is 50% of that regularly charged. All other months are not pro-rated and remain standard.
~ No refunds for missed classes. Make-ups available.
~ Methods of payment accepted: Visa/MasterCard, Cash or Check/Bill Pay (Payable to: Ballet Rincon).

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Tuition is based on classes per week per household
One Class
Two Classes
Three Classes
Four Classes
Five Classes
= $55 / month
= $106 / month
= $153 / month
= $200 / month
= $225 / month
Six Classes
Unlimited Classes
Single Class
Private Class/Coaching
= $258 / month
= $273 / month
= $15 per class
= Price upon request
Tuition priced separately:
Preschool Movement
Performance Ensemble
Specialty Workshops & Intensives
= $50 / per session (6 weeks)
= Priced Separately; Per Contract
= Priced Separately; Per Registration Form
New Student Fall Registration Fee
Returning Student Fall Registration Fee
Ballet Division (Leveled Program): Colored Alignment Belt
Spring Concert Fee
Rehearsal Fee (For AT Ballet Levels 6-10)
Costume Fee & Performance Tights
Performance Tights
$10 per Dancer
$10 Pre-registration by 12/16/17; $25 after 12/16/17 per dancer
$5 per belt
$75 per household
$50 per performing dancer
Priced per Costume; Tights priced per style
Tights priced per style